Aputure’s Amaran AL-M9 vs. Sunway Foto’s FL-96

Aputure’s Amaran AL-M9 and Sunway Foto’s FL-96 are very small and handy LED light sources. The Amaran AL-M9 has been relegated to a second place in Aputure’s catalogue by the Amaran AL-MX, but I haven’t bought this newer and three times as expensive version. Both light sources compared here are roughly within the same price range.

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Photographs through windows

When travelling by train, bus or aeroplane we frequently see views that would make great photographs. In this post I display a selection of pictures I have taken through windows while travelling in Finland between May and October 2017.  I also explain some tricks-of-the-trade that hide or attenuate the effects of the optical imperfections of windows. Continue reading Photographs through windows