Tropaeolum flowers in VIS and UVA

Trapaeolum majus (nasturtium) flowers photographed with a camera converted to full spectrum (Olympus E-M1) and a 30 mm f:2.8 objective (Sigma DN A 013). VIS: visible radiation from two white LED sources (Sunwayfoto FL-96, CRI > 95) and UVIR cut filter (Firecrest UVIR from Formatt-Hitech) on the objective. UVA: UV, visible and IR radiation from a bare bulb xenon flash (Flash AD200, EC-200 extension, H200j head, and AD-S2 reflector and X Pro O TTL trigger from Godox;  FT-ST-S40w bulb from and a UV-pass filter (StraightEdgeU from UVR Opticts) on the objective.

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