Hemispherical time-lapse under a tree

Visualizing the movement of branches and leaves


Pedro J. Aphalo






time-lapse, circular fish-eye

In two earlier posts titled Lens adapter with filter drawer and Lens adapters: flange-to-flange distance I discussed how crucial it is to achieve the exact effective flange-to-flange distance when dealing with adapted objectives with a very short focal distance. I also described how I shimmed an adapter to achieve this.

Recently I had an opportunity to use the Sigma 4.5mm 1:2.8 circular fisheye objective in Nikon AF mount adapted to my Olympus E-M1 Mk II camera to create a time-lapse video. I captured 500 still images, with a pause of 1 s between them. Total time was a bit over 10 min as capturing each of the images did take a fraction of a second. The lens and camera performed very well.

Time-lapse video under an oak tree, broken clouds in the sky and moderate wind. Assembled from 500 images acquired approximately one per second. Display speed \(\times\) 16 real time.