Joensuu-Helsinki from trains

I have been travelling by train between Joensuu and Helsinki on a regular basis since 2006, making approximately 40 round trips per year. This adds up to nearly 1000 one-way trips. Nowadays the trip takes about 4 h 30 min. Earlier I have occasionally taken photographs from these trains, but not systematically. In late 2017 I started a “project” of taking photographs systematically with the aim of recording how the landscape changes through the seasons. I have been using one prime objective, a Sigma 30 mm f:1.4 DN C and an Olympus E-M1 camera. For the technical aspects of photographing through windows please see my post on the subject. An additional challenge was that the windows have green-tinted double glassing making colour balancing rather difficult and reflections pervasive.

The photographs bellow shows two of the Intercity trains of VR, the Finnish Railways, at the Joensuu station before departure towards Helsinki, and the Helsinki Central Railway station before departure towards Joensuu.

The train
The train at Joensuu on 24 April
The train
The train in Helsinki on 21 January

Photographs are grouped into four albums, one for each the four seasons of the year.





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